Capitol Hill BIA

Capitol Hill Business Improvement Area

providing resources to get big things done—and keep Capitol Hill unique


Capitol Hill is one of Seattle’s oldest, and most popular neighborhoods. It is also a vital part of Seattle’s economic success. Commercial and residential growth is happening at a rapid pace. Technology companies continue to expand in Seattle and thousands of people will be looking to Capitol Hill for a place to live, shop, dine or hear great music.

Growth and change are inevitable. However, the issues that accompany growth are complex. Transportation management, commercial and housing developments, rising human service needs and more. These competing priorities demand constant attention and people who can advocate for our interests at City Hall.

That’s why property owners, business owners, residents, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, LGBTQ leaders and many others are supporting a new Business Improvement Area (BIA) for Capitol Hill.

A new BIA will help us shape, guide and advocate for Capitol Hill and preserve the diversity and unique nature of our neighborhood. It will also help us get big things done and manage the things that are important to our community. A BIA will generate funds to help new businesses fill empty storefronts, market the neighborhood, provide more street cleaning, increase public safety efforts, graffiti removal, and provide programming in places like Cal Anderson Park.

The Capitol Hill BIA will be funded through assessments on property owners located within its boundaries (Broadway, Pike-Pine, 12th Ave., 15th Ave. E., 19th Ave. E., Melrose, and Olive & Denny).


The idea for a Capitol Hill Business Improvement Area came out of an inclusive and extensive neighborhood planning process. Capitol Hill’s business, residential, faith, non-profit and cultural organizations joined together to take an active role in shaping the future of the neighborhood. They spent two years working on a comprehensive strategic plan that took hundreds of hours to identify key concerns and opportunities. The result was the Capitol Hill 2020 strategic plan. The strategic plan recommended the expansion of current Broadway BIA as a way to give property owners a strong voice in how Capitol Hill moves forward.